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Sam Waterston departing Law & Order
  • 3rd Feb 2024

Sam Waterston departing Law & Order

Actor Sam Waterston is leaving Law & Order after 30 years. His final episode will air on February 22. Tony Goldwyn will replace him.

What news can we find under Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences News Section?

Ever wonder about what's happening behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's biggest night, the Oscars? Well, beneath the red carpets and golden statues lay fascinating stories related to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). Fancy taking a sneak peek into what they are up to currently?

The Academy isn't just bustling when it comes time for the Oscar awards. It is active all year round, releasing news features on accolades, global initiatives in film artistry, scholarships programs for budding talents or historical retrospectives on past achievements. Would you believe that AMPAS offers invite-only membership based on distinguished contribution to films? Imagine rubbing shoulders with such eminent personalities!

A tonne more can be found diving deeper under this heading - like how did an obscure film rise from anonymity to take center stage at prestigious award ceremonies. Or perhaps you're fascinated by technical stuff – like advancements in digital technology reshaping cinematic experiences. You'd pique your interest further exploring news related to preservation efforts carried out by AMPAS archives – who knew old movie reels could hold so much mystery.

AMPAS also shares insights into education initiatives aimed at fostering next-generation filmmakers besides hosting exhibits celebrating cinema’s marvelous history through events at their dedicated museum! Are visuals compelling than words? Fear not; there's also talk shows spotlighting essence of filmmaking often featuring industry veterans sharing invaluable tips.

So isn't it exciting?

Who would've guessed there could be so much going down behind those dazzling lights! So if you're passionate as I am about movies or have even a faint admiration for them, dive headfirst into the sea of latest developments fresh off from Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Trust me; it won’t disappoint.

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