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Instagram Introduces Threads App, a Concern for Musk's Twitter
  • 6th Jul 2023

Instagram Introduces Threads App, a Concern for Musk's Twitter

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has launched Threads, a new text-based app that aims to compete with Twitter. The app allows users to post text and links, reply to messages, and repost content from others. Users can also port over their existing follower lists and account names from Instagram. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that there should be a public conversations app with over 1 billion users, and that Twitter has failed to achieve this. Threads is built on the same ActivityPub social-networking protocol as Mastodon, allowing users to interact with a wider community beyond Instagram in the future.

What news can we find under ActivityPub News Section?

The ActivityPub Story Unfolded

Wondering what all the chatter on 'ActivityPub' is about? Well, let's dive right in!

ActivityPub, if you're scratching your head at this point, is an open protocol for decentralized social networking services. Think Fediverse but amped up! It’s a lot like when Aunt Sally shares her famous apple pie recipe with the entire family — everyone can make it their own while keeping that original sweet touch.

A peek inside the world of ActivityPub News:

  • Rise of Decentralization: Ever heard about decentralizing society? That's exactly what ActivityPub embraces - moving away from central control and empowering each node by giving it equal say. Hot topic, eh?
  • New Tech trends: Let's not forget news relating to rising technological advancements in the space. From adopting Blockchains to HTTP Signatures, expect some nifty mind-boggling tech enhancements under this section.
  • Social Media Privacy: Another grapevine favorite – Imagine being able to control who sees your data and when... Got your attention now?
  • No doubt it takes a bit of dissecting before fully understanding Activitypub = SocialNetworking + Decentralising + TechInnovation . But hey, doesn't that sound like an intriguing journey waiting for exploration just around the corner?

    Intrigued yet or are we still firing blanks here? Might be time to dig deeper into this perplexingly exciting subject! Who knows- you might find yourself passionately discussing cutting edge technology behind decentralized apps over dinner rites soon!

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