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Hey there, curious reader! Have you ever heard of Ben Bender? If not, then let's embark on a fascinating journey to discover more about him. Go grab a cuppa and get comfy, we've got an interesting ride ahead!

Who is he, you ask? Well, Ben Bender, a seemingly ordinary man who transformed into something extraordinary through his passion for Golf. Born in Zanesville, Ohio; he became the starry-eyed talk of the town when he achieved every golfer's dream - scoring a hole-in-one! Can you believe that?

The news under the topic 'Ben Bender' often graces our screens with stories full of inspiration. At 93 years old – yes folks! I said ninety-three (you're right to be astounded!) hen scored this laudable feat at Green Valley Golf Course in Zanesville.

Bender began playing golfing at the tender age of 28 and was instantly hooked to it—kinda like your fascination for gaming on Fridays night huh? Anyway...for more than six decades, golf was life itself for him until hip bursitis came along. But here's where things become awe-inspiring: despite health issues forcing him to quit golf

In May 2018, wonder what happened? He did it - made his first-ever ace after nearly sixty-five years—a remarkable hat tip from fate before retirement indeed! In case another query strokes your mind- how many swings did it take him all these years before their rendezvous with perfection? An estimated whopping count close to around ten thousand—crazy yet motivating isn't it?

To sum up folks- When someone mentions "Ben Bender," remember chills are sure to trickle down your spine as one feels inspired by this elderly golfer whose story has turned heads worldwide-- being synonymous with determination personified!

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