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NFL Scores Big In Advertising Effectiveness Bowl
  • 11th Sep 2023

NFL Scores Big In Advertising Effectiveness Bowl

Super Bowl advertisers achieved significant gains in engagement and effectiveness, according to research by EDO. Advertisers spent $3.7bn on ads during the NFL regular season, which had an engagement rate 20% higher than the broadcast primetime average. During the playoffs, advertisers spent $632m, achieving an engagement rate 19% higher than the primetime average. Super Bowl LVII saw advertisers spend $757m, with an engagement rate 221% higher than the primetime average. The NFL had five of the top ten programs for TV advertising effectiveness, with Thanksgiving Day and Thursday Night Football games proving particularly impactful.

What news can we find under Cord-cutting News Section?

Enter the Realm of Cord-Cutting: A New Kind of News Content

Isn't it exciting how rapidly our world is shifting? A decade ago, if you wanted to keep up with current events and news, all you had was the traditional cable TV. Now, we have something way more interesting: Cord-cutting. Intriguing name, don't you think?

Let me quickly decode what this buzzword means for those who are unfamiliar with it. Cord-cutting is essentially ditching your conventional cable or satellite subscription in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube Premium.

The Wide Spectacle Under The Topic "Cord-Cutting"

You might not believe this but cord-cutting holds an enormous range of news content in its grip! Isn't that surprising? Yes indeed - from tech updates about emerging platforms and changes within popular streaming services to trending TV series reviews - they all come under this booming topic. Fascinating right?

In addition to that, ever pondered on how cord-cutting trends impact global markets or shape industry standards? They do create ripples quite profoundly in both arenas. Economic impacts these bring forth are subjects worth exploring too!

Picturing The Future Through This Lens

Can we factor out the influence of cord cutting when anticipating future broadcasting patterns and trends? Definitely not! Elucidating potential entertainment scenarios forms yet another fascinating niche within news related to 'cord-cutting'.

To sum it up,'cord cutting', though seems a simple term incorporates a vast array of ‘edutaining’; eduational plus entertaining(!) topics shaping modern day journalism. Are you ready to cut-the-cord and embark on a new journey through the world's digital evolution saga navigating via such intriguing waypoints like these? End note here folks – “The Revolution will be Televised”. But... will it still be Cable???

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