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'Ariana Grande divorces Dalton Gomez'
  • 19th Sep 2023

'Ariana Grande divorces Dalton Gomez'

Pop star Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez have filed for divorce after two years of marriage. The breakup was mutual, and Grande is now reportedly dating Ethan Slater.

Ariana Grande's relationship with Spongebob voice actor debunked by his wife; clarifies rumors of romance with Ethan Slater
  • 21st Jul 2023

Ariana Grande's relationship with Spongebob voice actor debunked by his wife; clarifies rumors of romance with Ethan Slater

Voice actor Tom Kenny, known for voicing SpongeBob SquarePants, is not dating Ariana Grande, according to his wife, Jill Talley. Rumors had circulated that Grande was dating Ethan Slater, who played SpongeBob in the Broadway musical adaptation. Talley clarified on Instagram that her husband is not dating Grande, but she thinks Slater and Grande are "totally adorable" together. Talley also celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary with Kenny. Slater recently made his Instagram profile private amid reports of his rumored relationship with Grande.

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Ethan Slater

Hey there, friend! Are you interested in knowing all about Ethan Slater? The talented actor's news has been sparking your feeds lately. Wondering who he is and why he's suddenly the center of attraction?

Ethan Slater is a gifted performer best known for his thrilling portrayal of SpongeBob SquarePants in the Broadway musical adapted from the iconic cartoon series. It was an incredible performance that earned him a Tony nomination, quite impressive isn't it? But how did this young man find himself on the boardwalk to Bikini Bottom?

Perhaps you'd be surprised to learn that Ethan’s journey into acting began with an audition right out of college. That's right! Straight off campus into underwater comedy drama! His remarkable talent shone through, granting him lead roles like we see him play today.

You may think Ethan only does theater productions... Well guess what? He doesn’t limit himself to just one stage or screen. Did you know our boy also appears on television shows such as "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"? Now, let me ask - How many actors can transition seamlessly between these two very different worlds?

All of his astonishing work makes us anticipate what might be next on his captivating career path – now wouldn’t that make for interesting reads under 'Ethan Slater' news topics!

Inspiring, energetic and always stretching boundaries...that is Ethan Slater for ya! For more information about this wonderfully versatile actor bookmarked as ‘one-to-watch’ by critics and fans alike, stay tuned by following 'Ethan Slater'. His story serves as a vivid metaphor reminding us all: no matter where life takes us; remember every step counts.

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