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Mexico's Elections on the Horizon: A Report on the Border
  • 18th Jul 2023

Mexico's Elections on the Horizon: A Report on the Border

Mexican voters in Baja California are preparing for the June 2024 elections, where they will choose a new president, replace the chamber of deputies and senate, and select local and state leaders. A nonpartisan group called Consejo Ciudadano Independiente is aiming to offer voters more choices by identifying potential candidates that could win the support of opposition parties and independent voters. The group is creating a digital platform to vet applicants and pass on their information to opposition parties. Baja California has seen a decrease in voter turnout, and the Consejo members hope to make a difference by addressing the neglect in governance.

What news can we find under Francisco Franco News Section?

Hey, have you ever wondered about the type of stories that swirl around the name Francisco Franco? Did you know that he was a towering figure in Spanish politics? The word is buzzing with news content relating to this contentious personality.

Let's dive deeper into this somewhat vague sea of the past. As a notorious dictator, Generalissimo Franco dominated Spain's political scenery for close to four decades; from 1939 till his death in 1975. Remember Hitler and Mussolini? Well, they were his contemporaries! His regime was infamous for its authoritarian nature; sprinkled liberally with tales of human rights abuses underpinned by fiercely nationalist ideologies. You'd probably be taken aback by some parallels to today's socio-political climate worldwide!

Fast forward a few years post mortem and here we are still dealing with Franco’s legacy - another brewing story worthy enough for your next coffee-table conversation. Just recently, Spain wrestled with the decision to exhume Franco’s remains from an opulent mausoleum (think Taj Mahal!) at Valley of Fallen just outside Madrid - sparking controversies all round.

An interesting turn has got people talking: once considered almost taboo, artistic expression against Franco is starting gain momentum within cultural spaces bringing him back into conscious dialogue – books dissecting his life and reign are sprouting on shelves these days while movies portraying his era share space on our favorite streaming channels.

Curious yet? There isn't one absolute answer when it comes to 'Francisco Franco' because as everyone seems excitedly whisper: "The more we uncover about him…the more there is left unanswered". So ready for exploring this echo from the turbulent history?

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