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Delving Into The Life Of Gary Player

If you are a golf fanatic like me, the name Gary Player likely rings a bell. After all, isn't he one of the greatest golfers that ever graced our greens? Allow me to jog your memory!

The South African golfer has been in and out of news headlines for years. Did I mention he's won nine majors throughout his career, placing him among some true golfing greats? He certainly earns his nickname - 'The Black Knight'.

A year filled with Achievements and Losses

Last year was particularly buzzworthy for Mr. Player. Unfortunately, though it wasn’t all birdies and eagles; it also encompassed sorrowful moments with the loss of his brother Ian. News about this tragic incident flooded media channels globally given how big an impact Gary had on not just the golf community but sports as a whole.

To lighten up things a bit here – want to hear something heartening amidst these difficult times? Well, Gary still hasn’t lost touch when it comes to fitness! His Instagram page @gary.player is teeming with workout videos that could put even people half his age to shame. Yes folks - at 85 years old too!

'Par Excellence'

“Sports have no age bar,”, perfectly demonstrated by none other than Gary himself. Can you imagine shooting under your age thrice which includes an unbelievable score of 64 at 82? That’s our Gary for ya! Following last year's rescheduled Masters Tournament due to COVID-19 scenario, there was quite noise around whether 'The Big Three'- Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and 'our guy' would continue their traditional opening tee shots. ]

Honoring Golf Royalty

Did we forget an important piece of news surfaced around Mr.Player?About honoring medals from respective countries acknowledging his contribution toward elevating sport culture across continents?

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