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Ons Jabeur Finds Sweet Revenge against Elena Rybakina
  • 13th Jul 2023

Ons Jabeur Finds Sweet Revenge against Elena Rybakina

Wimbledon 2023 could see a final between players from Belarus and Ukraine, with Aryna Sabalenka and Elina Svitolina as the favorites. The match would take place in front of the Princess of Wales, who is the patron of the All England Club. Ons Jabeur will first have to defeat Sabalenka to reach the final.

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A Deep Dive into the Glossary of Tennis Terms

Ever watch a tennis match and wonder, "What on earth is an 'ace' or a 'lob'? Or think about what exactly does 'advantage' mean?" If yes, then you're in for a treat! Find me an auditorium full of sports enthusiasts who wouldn't love to crack the code-that is, decipher the bewildering glossary of tennis terms.

Tennis matches hold their unique language; don't they? It's fascinating and perplexing at the same time. But here we are, ready to serve up some popular jargon from this intriguing sport- welcome to our must-read guide that translates key tennis lingo into plain English.

The world of tennis has its dialect shaped by centuries-old traditions. Even if you didn't know that before - it's like walking into a room where everyone else speaks Fluent Tennis! For instance, anyone familiar with any other game might guess that 'serve’ refers to starting play but what about ‘deuce’ measuring equally scored 40 points each between two players? Wouldn’t your brow furrow slightly?

Tennis Lingo Unveiled...

Here’s something fun: Do you know why zero score in tennis is called ‘love’? There’s debate over whether it originated from French word l'oeuf (egg) because zero looks like an egg or from Dutch/Flemish term lof (honour) referring playing for glory rather than points!

'Drop shot', another cool term suggests subtly dropping ball close within net making tough for opponents at back-court to reach.Bet,it’s as tricky as its name implies,right?

If random numbers such as ’15’, ’30’, and ‘40’ do not confuse you enough during scoring…wait till you understand grand sounding “Grand Slam” which essentially means winning all four major tournaments in single calendar year...Phew!! That surely isn’t kid stuff; Can it get intenser than this?

We sure had our rallying moments,served few scores unreturned..Ace,you say?!So,-next time catch live action packed Wimbledon don’t just spectate,gambol along side those tremendous smashing volleys!

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