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Hello folks, are you a fervent fan of history or a connoisseur of art? Ever wondered what's new with the Renaissance maestro Leonardo Da Vinci? Let's delve into this together!

In today’s fast-paced world, it might seem odd to find fresh news content about someone who lived over five centuries ago. However, given that we're talking about Leonardo da Vinci - an icon in every sense of the word- there's no shortage of fascinating stories and discoveries related to him.

We find intriguing topics focusing on his exceptional myriad skills: astute scientist, inspired inventor and unparalleled artist. It feels like discovering an onion; each layer peels back to reveal something more awe-inspiring than before.

Let me share some examples! Recently in 2019, Experts around our whimsical blue planet speculated whether Salvator Mundi (The Savior Of The World), auctioned for $450 million was truly painted by DaVinci himself. Can you imagine owning such artwork?

Talk about innovation! Earlier research has shed light on how Leonardo utilized cutting-edge techniques from Optics and Human Perception long before they were officially discovered. Sound far-fetched right?

You’ll also stumble upon historical mysteries unfolded through deciphering his cryptic notebooks which I believe is pretty provocative stuff! Personal letters unveiling intimate insights into private life of this enigmatic man give us riveting angles too!

Last but not least, periodic exhibitions featuring original paintings and sketches continue recurrently offering patrons breathtaking windows into our pasts. Although physically unreachable these events are now increasingly available virtually as well—more accessible than ever before right?

In conclusion my friends; cross disciplinary investigations coupled with modern technology continually revivify interest in master craftsman that is Mr.DaVinci!! Now isn’t that one remarkable feat?

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