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Starting Pitchers for Rangers-Astros Game 7
  • 23rd Oct 2023

Starting Pitchers for Rangers-Astros Game 7

Max Scherzer, a seasoned veteran, will start for the Texas Rangers in Game 7 against the Astros. Scherzer previously started Game 7 of the World Series and delivered a strong performance. The pitching matchup will be the same as Game 3.

Astros Seek to Overcome Home Struggles in Game 7 Against Rangers
  • 23rd Oct 2023

Astros Seek to Overcome Home Struggles in Game 7 Against Rangers

The Houston Astros face the specter of a repeat of their 2019 World Series loss as they head into a decisive Game 7 against the Texas Rangers. The Astros have struggled at home this postseason, and their inability to produce in clutch situations continues to plague them. The Rangers, on the other hand, have been dominant on the road. Veteran right-hander Max Scherzer will start for the Rangers, while right-hander Cristian Javier will start for the Astros.

Fans push for Daniella Rodriguez to rock husband Carlos Correa's ex-team's tees
  • 9th Oct 2023

Fans push for Daniella Rodriguez to rock husband Carlos Correa's ex-team's tees

Former Miss Texas USA, Daniella Rodriguez, and her two sons support her husband Carlos Correa as he plays for the Twins in the ALDS. Correa had an impressive performance in Game 2, leading the Twins to a 6-2 victory against the Astros. Fans are urging Rodriguez to wear Correa's jersey and even suggesting that the Astros sign her kids. The couple got married in 2019 after Carlos proposed to Daniella on the pitch following the Astros' World Series win in 2017.

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