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Editorial: Prayers and Support for Steve Scalise and His Recovery
  • 31st Aug 2023

Editorial: Prayers and Support for Steve Scalise and His Recovery

Steve Scalise, the House majority leader, has announced that he is being treated for multiple myeloma, a "very treatable blood cancer." He expects a full recovery and plans to continue his work in Congress. Many are sending well wishes and praying for his return to good health.

What news can we find under Partisan (politics) News Section?

A Dive into Partisan Politics

If you're new to the bustling world of politics, let's get real for a moment. Have you ever wondered about the baggage that comes with the word 'partisan', particularly in politics? Guess what? You are not alone!

Let me break it down for you. This term 'partisan' traces its roots back - way back - to political debates and conversations. It essentially means biased towards one party or faction (versus being unbiased, or non-partisan). Imagine rooting religiously for your favorite football team and dismissing all other teams as inferior – kind of like that!

'Politics makes strange bedfellows.' Heard this phrase before? This isn't just an old saying; it captures the essence of partisan politics.

In today's news cycle, topics branded under "Partisan (politics)" usually concern divisive issues within lawmaking bodies where there is clear-cut polarization between parties. From climate change policies on Capitol Hill, Brexit negotiations in the UK Parliament or even social security reforms debated fiercely at every local municipality meeting room - we encounter intense jabs from both ends on any media channel.

The biasness often narrows our worldview thereby creating a type of echo chamber effect – i.e., we only hear what we want to hear. Ever felt surrounded by mirror images preaching harmony while deep down understanding how robust diverse opinions can be?

All said and done, partisanism is sometimes blamed for policy stalemate due inability to reach consensus - but wait just a second… Isn’t diversity of thought needed in earnest conversation? Doesn't some level of partisanship energize democratic functioning?

In Conclusion:

We live inside our own bubble sometimes- fed by partisan views via multiple channels without even knowing it! We owe it ourselves as critical thinkers to breach these bubbles with full throttle and navigate through multiple perspectives towards forming better democracy-gearing opinions.

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