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Gov. DeSantis appoints Trump admin lawyer as chair of Elections Commission
  • 22nd Sep 2023

Gov. DeSantis appoints Trump admin lawyer as chair of Elections Commission

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed Chad Mizelle, a lawyer who served under former President Donald Trump, as the new Chair of the Florida Elections Commission. Mizelle is the chief legal officer of Affinity Partners, a global investment firm founded by Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner. DeSantis also reappointed two members to the Commission, one of whom donated $50,000 to a super PAC supporting DeSantis' presidential campaign. The appointments are subject to Senate approval.

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The Enduring Legacy of Rutherford B. Hayes

Guess who's often overlooked but played a notable role in the post-Civil War era? That’s right, Rutherford Birchard Hayes, the 19th President of the United States. When we dive into news content related to him, what treasures can we uncover? Let me tell you, it's like sifting through a rich tapestry of American history.

You know how most folks have that one friend who is quietly influential? Well, think of Hayes in those terms. You won't find scandalous headlines or dramatic policy upheaval under his name; instead, he was more about subtle shifts and healing wounds. News reports from his time might highlight his efforts in ending Reconstruction by withdrawing federal troops from the South—a controversial move for sure! Why did he do it? It was all part of a larger deal arising from the disputed election results—helpfully called the Compromise of 1877. Quite crafty, don’t you think?

Lurking within antiques sections or political analyses, you could stumble upon discussions about how this Ohio native restored credibility to an office tainted by corruption—that's no small feat! After scrupulous historians and journalists rummage through archives and diaries (honestly better than any detective novel), they commend Hayes for promoting civil service reform and advocating education to fight racial discrimination.

But wait—there's more! Curious minds may delve into technology-related snippets too since during his presidency in 1877 (and hold onto your hats here)—America spoke its first words over Bell's telephone! Now there’s something snappy for watercooler conversation.

In wrapping up our cozy chat on Mr. Hayes: though he might not be splashed across today’s breaking news apps or trending tweets—his understated yet pivotal actions left ripples still visible even as we page through modern musings on leadership integrity and equality strides. Next time someone drops trivia night plans at last minute, why not whip out some fun facts about Honest Rutherford B.? Just imagine their faces!

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