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What news content can we find under the topic Babe Ruth

If I asked you to name a baseball legend, who comes to mind? Chances are, it's Babe Ruth! And why wouldn't he be? A towering figure in more ways than one, his exploits both on and off the pitch make for fascinating news content. So what might we discover if we opened up a newspaper from yesteryear or typed 'Babe Ruth' into an online news archive?

The first things you'll undoubtedly encounter will be about his extraordinary prowess at America's favorite pastime. Remember how excited you felt when your team hit that home run during extra-time? Well imagine that but multiplied tens of times over because Babe was known as "The Sultan of Swat", smashing numerous records during his incredible career.

You may say: How so great could someone possibly be at batting a ball with a stick that people centuries later still remember him fondly?' To put it simply - ruthlessly great! Every time Babe swung his bat, spectators would hold their breaths in anticipation of another soaring baseball flying out into the crowds!

Apart from this famous slugger’s sporting prowess though, are stories about his larger-than-life personality and charitable work. Have fun picturing life in roaring twenties New York City when you read anecdotes related to 'the Babe'. His joviality is best exemplified by his quote: "I swing big, with everything I've got...That's when they go out."

We all love folk heroes don’t we?, Yes indeed!. Stories highlighting Ruth’s early struggles help illustrate what drove him to reach such dizzying heights of success while reminding us that beneath each exemplary performance was pure perseverance worth admiring.

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