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Lithium-ion Battery: How It Works
  • 18th Feb 2024

Lithium-ion Battery: How It Works

Learn how lithium-ion batteries work and are manufactured in this viral video sponsored by LG Energy Solution and General Motors.

LK-99: The Revolutionary Superconductor Set to Transform the World
  • 2nd Aug 2023

LK-99: The Revolutionary Superconductor Set to Transform the World

Researchers from South Korea have published two papers describing the potential creation of a room-temperature superconductor known as LK-99. Superconductors are materials that exhibit near-zero electrical resistance and expel magnetic fields, allowing electric charges to move freely through them. Currently, superconductivity only occurs at extremely low temperatures and high pressures, limiting their practical applications. If the South Korean researchers' claims are validated, the room-temperature superconductor could revolutionize various industries by enabling transformative advancements at lower costs and with near-zero energy loss. However, further validation and scrutiny of the research is needed.

What news can we find under Electron News Section?

Get Groovy With Electrons!

So, you're eager to be the party's life by asking what news content we can find under the topic "Electron"? But why not? Let's dive headfirst into this exciting scientific adventure!

All About Electrons

Ever picture a tiny particle whizzing around an atom's nucleus like some interstellar speeder in a Star Trek movie? Well, it isn't science fiction. That's how electrons behave! They are subatomic particles with negative electric charge orbiting each atomic nucleus.

In Recent News...

Recently, scientists have hit quite a breakthrough with these zippy little particles - quantum teleportation! Sound fancy and surreal right? Fret not, I won't ambush you with Quantum Mechanics 101 right here and now but I will share an interesting piece of information— researchers have managed to teleport (bear in mind this is on a very microscopic scale) information between two electron pairs. Isn’t that amazing to comprehend?

The Road Ahead...

We’re constantly unearthing mind-blowing facts about electrons and their behavior which could steer us towards advancements unimaginable earlier.

In such groundbreaking research environments as CERN or Fermilab physicists keep exploring new horizons of knowledge about electron properties. If our exploration continues at the same pace (and let there be no doubts it surely will) who knows what astounding revelations might await us in future?! Who'd ever think that understanding these nimble energies would lead the world towards such intriguing domains? Put simply; when you dwell upon scientific topics namely ‘electron’, your encounter extends beyond mere elementary physics lessons – it transcends into breathtaking galaxies of science discoveries. There we have it all summed up for you! So next time somebody asks 'What’s crackling with electrons?' You’ll coolly air drop them some pretty hot facts they’d had least expected!

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