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  • 20th Sep 2023

"Claim Your Share of $245 Million Fortnite Refund, FTC Announces; Step-by-Step Guide to File a Claim"

Fortnite players who made unwanted purchases can now apply for a refund as part of a $520 million settlement with Epic Games. The Federal Trade Commission has started notifying 37 million people who may be eligible for a refund. The settlement was reached in 2022 after allegations that Epic used deceptive practices and violated children's privacy laws. Consumers have until January 17, 2024, to submit a claim. The refund amount will depend on the number of claims filed. Epic Games has implemented measures to prevent unintended purchases.

What news can we find under Electronic dance music News Section?

Get Into the Groove: The Electric Pulse of Electronic Dance Music News

Hey music lovers! Have you ever wondered what's really happening behind those pulsating beats and electrifying synths of electronic dance music (EDM)? I mean, sure, we all love to lose ourselves on the dance floor or pump up our workout playlists with EDM bangers. But beneath that lively surface, there’s a dynamic world teeming with news just waiting to catch your interest.

Breaking Beats: First up in EDM news, "Who's dropping the next chart-topper?". We're always on edge for fresh tracks from legends like David Guetta or Tiësto as well as explosive newcomers. Guess what? There's tons to talk about here – album releases, hit singles' launch dates and unexpected collaborations that promise to blow our collective mind!

Festival Fever: When it comes to festivals - think Coachella, Ultra or Tomorrowland – they are literally epicenters of EDM culture. What’s new in this space? Line-ups that make you scream ‘Take my money’, avant-garde stage designs or groundbreaking sound systems engineered to shake you down to your soul.

The Tech Side of Tuneage: But wait a sec... let’s not forget how tech strides affect tunes! Innovations in DJing equipment, software updates and even virtual reality experiences are molding MDMA into something straight outt'a sci-fi. Picture slipping on VR goggles at home but dancing off at Ibiza: how cool would that be?

In conclusion folks,

We’ve only skimmed the surface—imagine digging deeper into heatscores making raves safer events; impacts musicians have beyond just charts but humanitarian causes; plus insights into genres merging—where does classical meet club? Rhetorically speaking – isn’t learning about these moves equally as intoxicating as grooving to them? Certainly worth pondering next time you hit play...

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