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"Claim Your Share of $245 Million Fortnite Refund, FTC Announces; Step-by-Step Guide to File a Claim"

Fortnite players who made unwanted purchases can now apply for a refund as part of a $520 million settlement with Epic Games. The Federal Trade Commission has started notifying 37 million people who may be eligible for a refund. The settlement was reached in 2022 after allegations that Epic used deceptive practices and violated children's privacy laws. Consumers have until January 17, 2024, to submit a claim. The refund amount will depend on the number of claims filed. Epic Games has implemented measures to prevent unintended purchases.

Fortnite players who have experienced frustration and regret over unwanted purchases in the popular online video game can now find some solace. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has taken action against Fortnite-maker Epic Games, notifying 37 million individuals who may be eligible for a refund. This comes after Epic Games agreed to pay a hefty $520 million settlement in 2022 to resolve allegations of deceptive practices, including the use of "dark patterns" to trick players into making purchases such as costumes, dance moves, and "loot crates."

In addition to these allegations, government regulators found that Epic Games made it easy for children under the age of 13 to accumulate charges without parental consent, a violation of federal laws protecting children's privacy. When players disputed these unauthorized charges with their credit card companies, Epic Games allegedly retaliated by locking their Fortnite accounts.

Out of the $520 million settlement, $245 million will be allocated towards providing refunds to eligible consumers. To initiate the refund process, consumers can visit the claim site or access information on how to file a claim at When filing a claim, individuals will need a claim number or their Epic Account ID. The FTC has already begun sending millions of emails to Fortnite players since September 19, containing the necessary claim numbers. These emails will continue to be sent for one month.

The deadline for submitting a claim is January 17, 2024. For any inquiries or concerns, individuals can contact the FTC directly at (888) 915-0880 or via email at [email protected].

As of now, the exact refund amount per person remains unknown, as it will depend on various factors, including the number of claims filed. Epic Games has stated that it implemented additional measures last year to prevent unintended purchases. The company acknowledges the rapidly evolving nature of the video game industry and the high expectations players have. It believes that statutes written decades ago do not adequately address the intricacies of modern gaming ecosystems. In light of this, Epic Games has redirected individuals to the FTC's page for further information and updates on the refund process.

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