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Food safety News & Breaking Stories

  • 14th Jul 2023

"WHO Claims Aspartame, an Artificial Sweetener, Possibly Linked to Cancer; Guidelines Unaltered"

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified aspartame as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" due to limited evidence showing a potential link between aspartame and liver cancer. However, the WHO's Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) found the association between aspartame consumption and cancer in humans unconvincing and did not change the acceptable daily intake of 40 mg/kg per body weight. The WHO is advising moderation and suggests drinking water instead. The US FDA disagrees with the WHO's conclusion, stating that aspartame has been heavily studied and is safe.

What news can we find under Food safety News Section?

Delving into the World of Food Safety News

In a time when articles bombard us with information at every swipe or click, what kind of news content or discoveries in relation to Food Safety can we encounter?

To answer this, imagine you're an explorer deep-diving into an ocean. Only instead of fish and coral, you find reports detailing outbreaks resulting from improper food handling practices ('Look! There goes another Salmonella culprit'), cutting-edge studies on the novel techniques for preventing food spoilage (turns out not all microbes are as friendly as they seem), and global watchdog announcements for potential safety risks within our pantry.

Breathing deeper into our imaginary exploration, provoking thought bubbles also emerge relating to regulatory updates that affect everyone- from growers who till soil to consumers like you and me ('Wait. Are those pesticide levels even safe?'). Or let's talk about groundbreaking studies investigating links between genetically modified foods and health outcomes. Do they represent a threat or solution?

Newsworthy content under 'Food Safety' is anything but bland. It shifts just as quickly as society’s tastes change – making it crucially important for us to stay informed.

A Feast For Your Thoughts!

If cooked well, these pieces offer not only insights but provoke questions such as: 'How does climate change influence food safety ?'. How are new technologies reshaping the way we look at preservation methods? And what effects does political instability have on both local & international standards?

The topic of 'Food Safety', much like your favorite gourmet dish, is varied and rich – textured by science & policy brush-strokes across a wide canvas that appeals beyond just scientists or chefs; it affects every one of us who savors each meal daily.

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