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Indiana Pacers News & Breaking Stories

Jokic, Nuggets Hold off Durant, Suns
  • 3rd Dec 2023

Jokic, Nuggets Hold off Durant, Suns

Nikola Jokic leads Denver Nuggets to a hard-fought victory over Phoenix Suns; Kevin Durant moves into tenth place on scoring list.

Wizards make bold predictions for 2023-24 NBA season.
  • 20th Oct 2023

Wizards make bold predictions for 2023-24 NBA season.

The Washington Wizards are set to draw attention in the upcoming NBA season, with Jordan Poole taking on a bigger role. Bold predictions include Poole leading the league in scoring and the team winning the trade with Chris Paul. Tyus Jones is expected to shine as one of the best point guards, and the Wizards are predicted to make the playoffs.

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