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Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps News & Breaking Stories

US Bombs Syria: Sons of Liberty Media
  • 28th Oct 2023

US Bombs Syria: Sons of Liberty Media

US Bombs Syria in "Self-Defense" after Attacks on American Bases in Iran. War tensions escalate, raising concerns of a global conflict.

What is Hezbollah in Lebanon?
  • 8th Oct 2023

What is Hezbollah in Lebanon?

Hezbollah targeted Israeli military positions in the disputed Shebaa Farms, leading to artillery barrages from Israel. No casualties reported.

What news can we find under Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps News Section?

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - A Pivotal Player in Iran's Political Landscape

Have you ever wondered who guards the Iranian Revolution? It's not your average military force. Instead, it is a unique entity named the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). This is an organization that not only defends Iran from enemies but also plays a significant role in its socio-political affairs.

Established after the 1979 Revolution, ‘the Guardians’, as they're colloquially known, are tasked with protecting and preserving Muslim first-rate civic values. Rumour mill has it that they wield significant influence within Iran and even beyond its borders. How accurate could this be?

You would probably think of military operations when hearing about Guards such as these - isn't it so? True enough, IRGC dominates many headlines due to their involvement in conflicts across the Middle East. Their controversial activities often put them at odds with Western powers.

If there was an 'Avengers' movie for geopolitics, it wouldn’t be complete without including IRGC. Would-be director aside though: how are those guys making news away from combat zones you may ask?

Surprising perhaps to some; alongside military pursuits – politics, economy and society find themselves under bulletins concerning the Corps too! They control numerous enterprises such as construction companies which effectively makes them green-eyed observers on economic matters.

Besides this well-marked influence over state security mechanisms and economy-related domains: Guess What? The IRGC has also begun dipping toes into political waters more boldly recently-a tactical move causing some ripple waves domestically!

To sum up all things vividly having tried fleshing out all dimensions irrespective of being colossal taskmaster or moonlighters-next time you come across any material involving ​​'The Guardians'; remember-the story likely extends far beyond bullets and battlefields!

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