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Have you been listening to the hush-hush on Keegan Murray? If not, then I suppose you've taken a snooze from the college basketball fandom. Snap out of it, and let me amble you through the recent updates about this rising talent.

Keegan Murray, that name might ring familiar if you're an Iowa Basketball follower. He's like a shooting star spreading its light in Iowa Basketball history lately. Like Michelangelo painting his way into glory, Keegan is perfecting every dribbling move and jump shot under Fran McCaffery’s tutelage at the University of Iowa.

Averaging over 23 points per game, remember when he made everyone's jaws drop with a whopping 35 point performance against Western Michigan? That was pure spectacle! It’s his sophomore year folks! Can we just pause for a moment to imagine what this guy would be doing after, say three more seasons?

In Big Ten plays he keeps turning heads too; After all those rebounds or killer dunks wouldn’t go unnoticed! Is it too early to predict him as one of Hawkeyes' legends? Well I don't think so!

We're talking about victories here right now but isn't each failure like stepping stones toward success? Keegan got it rough when they lost against Purdue. Ahh that was heart breaking!! Yet didn't our young prodigy come back stronger scoring over 20 points by taking matters into his own hands?

All these exceptional performances aren't going unnoticed as NBA scouts keep their magnifying glasses over every single movement of him on court giving rise to speculations about 'When will Murray join big fish league?’ Coming up are nail biting days for fans waiting for such decisions!

In this riveting journey called College Basketball filled with sweet victories and bitter losses ,our show stopper undoubtedly steals some serious spotlights !So next time when someone asks what news content can we find under topic "Keagan murray", just tell them “a whole lot!” wrapped in excitement and suspense!

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