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Mississippi River Saltwater Intrusion: New Orleans Declares Emergency
  • 24th Sep 2023

Mississippi River Saltwater Intrusion: New Orleans Declares Emergency

Saltwater intrusion from the Gulf of Mexico is threatening drinking water supplies for 900,000 residents in Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards has declared an emergency and plans to request federal aid. The Mississippi River's low water levels have allowed the saltwater to intrude, and officials are working to mitigate the impacts and ensure safe drinking water. The saltwater wedge has already traveled 15 miles inland in just seven days, and without significant rainfall, an underwater levee will be overtopped, requiring freshwater to be transported by barge to water treatment plants.

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Yes! This leads us to our next insight: natural disasters linked to excessive rainfall. These situations create drastic impacts on human lives – altering their living circumstances overnight.

The recent German floods or Mumbai’s incessant monsoons serve as stark reminders of nature's fury.

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