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NFL Sunday Ticket Season 1: Essential Details on YouTube Coverage
  • 8th Sep 2023

NFL Sunday Ticket Season 1: Essential Details on YouTube Coverage

NFL Sunday Ticket, the streaming TV package that allows fans to watch out-of-market Sunday afternoon NFL games, is moving to YouTube. The service will be available through YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels for the 2023-24 NFL season. Subscribers can watch all Sunday games during the regular season, record games, and stream on multiple devices. The service costs $349 for YouTube TV subscribers and $449 for Primetime Channels subscribers, with discounts available until September 19. NFL RedZone can be bundled for an additional $40.

What news can we find under Starz News Section?

Curious about what's currently stirring up the entertainment world in relation to Starz? Then you're in just the right place.

Starz, a leading global media and entertainment giant, is well- known for constantly churning out thrilling original series, movies, and documentaries. In fact, it's like a pulsar in the expansive universe of television; always shining brightly with new content! Does that pique your interest?

Sure you have heard about 'Outlander,' haven't you? This captivating time-travel drama series keeps its fan base glued across multiple seasons being offered on Starz platform. Isn’t that enough reason to always look forward to their latest offerings?

I can sense your eagerness. But wait there’s more! Beyond Outlander’s shores lies another riveting series - 'Power.' Now who says only superheroes possess power? This gritty urban drama unfolds captivating narratives around crime, fame and infamy alike. Trust me, once it pulls you into its gravitational field (just like a black hole), there's no turning back!

Apart from these masterpiece shows, Starz has been making headlines lately with news regarding expansion plans as well as transformations on executive boards. Boring corporate stuff? Not really - think again! If things at helm are stirring then surely something even bigger is cooking behind those scenes… More gripping stories perhaps or maybe further stretch towards global audience reach... now isn’t that worth keeping an eye out for?

In summary guys: from high-octane dramas to boardroom chronicles coupled with ambitious expansion blueprints – when one looks under topic ‘Starz’, they hit upon rich scoop of exclusive news content each time.

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