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WeWork's Potential Bankruptcy Filing
  • 1st Nov 2023

WeWork's Potential Bankruptcy Filing

WeWork's potential bankruptcy filing next week comes as no surprise, as the company's shares have plummeted and it has struggled with debt payments.

Calls to empower Patrick McHenry as Republicans again fail to select Speaker
  • 18th Oct 2023

Calls to empower Patrick McHenry as Republicans again fail to select Speaker

Growing opposition to Rep. Jim Jordan's bid for Speaker of the House has sparked calls to empower Rep. Patrick McHenry with new powers to get the House operational again. McHenry, who currently oversees the chamber as Speaker Pro Tempore, would be faced with challenges such as government spending fights and ongoing cryptocurrency efforts. The idea has gained support from prominent conservative figures, including three former GOP House speakers, and Democrats have also expressed support for expanding McHenry's authorities. However, the proposal faces challenges from Jordan and his allies, and the extent and duration of McHenry's powers are still up for debate.

Movie Review: 'Dumb Money' recalls GameStop squeeze, when regular investors clashed with Wall Street
  • 20th Sep 2023

Movie Review: 'Dumb Money' recalls GameStop squeeze, when regular investors clashed with Wall Street

"Dumb Money" is a movie that tells the real story of a financial rebellion led by small investors against Wall Street. It focuses on the GameStop stock surge and the impact it had on hedge funds. The film aims to champion the little guy and shed light on the flaws of the financial system. The cast includes Paul Dano, Pete Davidson, America Ferrera, and Seth Rogen. The movie highlights the power of social media and the role it played in the stock market frenzy.

Bitcoin price drops 8% amidst ongoing cryptocurrency decline
  • 18th Aug 2023

Bitcoin price drops 8% amidst ongoing cryptocurrency decline

Bitcoin's price fell by nearly 8% in an hour of frenzied trading, erasing most of its gains since June. The sell-off coincided with news that Elon Musk's SpaceX had written down the value of its bitcoin holdings by $373mn and sold the cryptocurrency. The volatility comes as US regulators crack down on the sector and as expectations of interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve are reassessed.

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