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Ellen DeGeneres Controversy: Is She Worth Getting in Zenless Zone Zero?

Ellen in Zenless Zone Zero is a powerful five-star character worth pulling for, with a simple kit perfect for beginners.

Ellen Joe, the first limited five-star character in Zenless Zone Zero, is a character worth considering when deciding who to pull for in the game. As a DPS character specializing in Ice attacks, Ellen brings a unique playstyle to the table with her ability to freeze and Shatter enemies in battle. Her combo potential is enhanced by her Sharknami skill, allowing her to strike enemies multiple times with her tail. Additionally, players can increase the speed of her dash and unleash a powerful Ice DMG attack by long-pressing the attack button while dashing.

Ellen's fighting style is reminiscent of shark species' attack patterns, as she excels in close combat and prefers to stay in the thick of the fray. As a five-star character, Ellen boasts higher stats compared to four-star attackers, making her a valuable addition to any team. Players can also take advantage of faction bonuses in Zenless Zone Zero, with Ellen belonging to the Victoria Housekeeping faction alongside three other five-star characters. This bonus system incentivizes players to build teams with characters from the same faction to maximize their stats and buffs.

While Ellen may be a strong character currently, it's important to consider the ever-evolving meta of gacha games. Characters like Diluc and Seele in other games have seen fluctuations in their viability over time, highlighting the risks involved in investing in specific characters. Players should also take into account personal preferences when deciding whether to pull for Ellen, as enjoying a character's design and personality can enhance the overall gaming experience.

Ultimately, Ellen is a solid choice for players looking for a reliable five-star attacker in Zenless Zone Zero. Her simple yet effective kit makes her a great starter character for early patches in the game, allowing players to practice and familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics. However, if Ellen's playstyle or design does not appeal to you, there are always other characters to consider in the future. Zenless Zone Zero offers flexibility in team composition, giving players the freedom to choose characters that align with their preferences and playstyle.

Zenless Zone Zero is available on multiple platforms, including PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. Players can only pull for Ellen during her limited-time banner, making her a sought-after character for those looking to enhance their roster in the game.

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