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Alexander Mattison News & Breaking Stories

Vikings-Eagles player props, picks: TJ Hockenson, Kirk Cousins light
  • 15th Sep 2023

Vikings-Eagles player props, picks: TJ Hockenson, Kirk Cousins light

Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings had a rough Week 1, but there is hope for redemption in Week 2. Tight end T.J. Hockenson is expected to shine against the Philadelphia Eagles, who have struggled against tight ends in the past. Hockenson's yardage prop of 49.5 yards is a great bet for Thursday night.

What news can we find under Alexander Mattison News Section?

Have you ever wondered what's buzzing around the dynamic world of NFL star Alexander Mattison? If so, buckle in as we immerse ourselves into the sports realm and update our knowledge bank with some riveting facts about Alexander Mattison.

Alexander Mattison, a remarkable athlete making headlines for his contributions to Minnesota Vikings' on-field triumphs. Born September 19, 1998, he has been winning hearts with his barreling run style and considerable speed since being drafted by the Vikings in round three of the 2019 NFL Draft. Isn't it amazing how an individual can morph themselves from an amateur college player at Boise State to a professional running back powerhouse?

So, what captivating news snippets can we find relating to ‘Alexander Mattison’? Well, here’s one that immediately pops up: Did you know that despite his stellar performance against Detroit Lions where he had a career-high snap count followed by totaling season highs across all receiving categories is still impactful enough even when sharing carries with Dalvin Cook?

Digging deeper into recent news surrounding him brings us yet another interesting nugget - Imagine suddenly having your coach's belief witnessing an evolution right before their eyes! That's correct; Mike Zimmer publicly praised Mattisons’ incredible progress indicative of future stardom.

Intriguing piece now was it not? No matter which side of defense your loyalty lies observing growth trajectory like Alexander’s is always exhilarating! So brace yourselves folks- there seems no stopping this talented running back from dashing through our headline feeds!

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