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Financial Loss: INR 2600 Crore Cyberattack Impact in India - Eastern Mirror
  • 5th Sep 2023

Financial Loss: INR 2600 Crore Cyberattack Impact in India - Eastern Mirror

The director of NIELIT Kohima has warned the public about the dangers of cybercrime, emphasizing the importance of user behavior in preventing attacks. He also highlighted the launch of the ICSAS app, which aims to educate users about cyber threats. The director urged users to be cautious about clicking unknown links and to be mindful of what they share online. He also provided tips for staying safe, such as keeping software updated, using strong passwords, and being aware of phishing attacks. With India having a large number of internet users, the director stressed the need for cyber security education and awareness.

What news can we find under Extortion News Section?

Underneath the Surface: Delving into Extortion News Content

The term 'extortion' sounds like it's straight out of a gritty crime novel, doesn't it? Well, brace yourself, because this is a reality that many face daily. So what does news content under the topic extortion typically look like?

In essence, understanding 'Extortion' unravels quite the spider's web. Often widely reported in local and global media alike, recent corruption scandals come to mind when considering popular extortion-related news stories. For example, reports about politicians exploiting their power by forcing bribes or other benefits from those beneath them can often be seen surfacing frequently.

Think money isn't everything? It seems like big businesses think otherwise! There are countless articles discussing cases where corporations squeeze smaller competitors through illegal means for economic gain—classic corporate extortion.

Dark corners of cyberspace aren’t left untouched either! Cyber-extortion has been increasingly making headlines over recent years. Remember getting chills down your spine after hearing about hackers threatening to reveal people’s private information unless they pay up?

More sensational cases could include well-known public figures receiving blackmail threats for release of damaging details about their lives—in effect weaponizing reputation.

Makes you shudder a bit right? But there also exist some silver lining amidst these gloomy narratives. Just as we have reports on every new crackdown on culprits indulging in such despicable deeds giving us all much-needed hope!

The "all-too-real" world of extortion extends far beyond any archetypal gangster plotline might suggest—it ripples across corridors of power to echoing through bustling cyber avenues and seeping into everyday life scenarios we might never expect!

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