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Indigenous Peoples Day 2023: Nashville Insights
  • 9th Oct 2023

Indigenous Peoples Day 2023: Nashville Insights

Indigenous Peoples' Day, an alternative to Columbus Day, is a day to honor Native Americans' history and culture. It is not yet a federal holiday, but efforts are being made to change that. The Native American Indian Association of Tennessee will hold a pow wow to celebrate and showcase Native American culture.

When is Labor Day 2023 in the US?
  • 28th Aug 2023

When is Labor Day 2023 in the US?

Labor Day 2023 marks the end of summer and celebrates workers' contributions. Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends!

What news can we find under Federal holidays in the United States News Section?

Federal Holidays in the United States

Ever wondered how many federal holidays there are in the good ole' USA and what they represent? We're going to dive into that topic right now.

So, first off, what exactly is a Federal holiday? Is it just another excuse for a day off work or school? Well, kind of! Federal holidays are indeed public holidays established by Federal law (5 U.S.C. 6103). On these days, non-essential government offices close and most federal employees get a paid day off.

There's more than meets the eye though - each holiday carries its significance. It gets interesting when we start unpacking them individually!

You might be asking yourself, "What are these specific holidays?" There are ten you should know about: New Year’s Day on January 1st; Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday on the third Monday in January; Washington's Birthday (also known as Presidents' Day) falling on third Monday of February; Memorial Day at end May; Independence Day on July 4th (mark this one with extra stars and stripes); then comes Labor Day early September. Following suite we have Columbus Day in mid-October; Veterans’ Day November 11th followed by Thanksgiving – usually gobbled up by all those tasty treats - on fourth Thursday of November closing out with Christmas on December 25th.

Captivated yet?

All these sacred dates give us an opportunity to pause, reflect and show gratitude towards significant milestones in American history or pay tribute to influential personalities who've immensely contributed towards shaping our nation

. I bet after reading through this article you'll never treat your next long weekend simply as 'another three-day break', rather acknowledging them as rightful 'monuments' etched onto our calendars.

So next time you enjoy a Federal holiday, sprinkle some appreciation for the history behind it! Let your day off be full of gratitude and understanding. It's more than just a break from work - it's a piece of living American history! Why not explore these commemorative days with this newfound knowledge and see how their stories shape you?

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