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Honoring hero: Sewell Dec. 1 federal holiday Rosa Parks WVUA 23

U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell introduces HR-308, the Rosa Parks Act, to make Dec. 1 a federal holiday in honor of Parks.

Alabama's U.S. Representative Terri Sewell is pushing for more than just history books and museum exhibits to honor the legacy of Rosa Parks. She has introduced HR-308, also known as the Rosa Parks Act, with the goal of making December 1st a federal holiday in honor of the civil rights pioneer.

Parks' arrest in Montgomery on December 1, 1955, after refusing to vacate a row of seats in the colored section for a white passenger was a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement. This act of resistance sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and played a significant role in the desegregation of public transportation.

Sewell emphasized the importance of honoring Parks' legacy by naming a federal holiday after her. She pointed out that there are currently no federal holidays named after women, and Parks' courage and contribution to the integration of America deserve recognition. The recent addition of Juneteenth as a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery further underscores the significance of honoring Parks' legacy.

Harrison Taylor, the first and only African American to hold the position of Tuscaloosa City Council president, expressed his support for the initiative. He emphasized the impact that a federal holiday in honor of Parks would have, not only for her but for the state of Alabama and the entire country. Taylor highlighted the importance of doing right, quoting Martin Luther King Jr., and emphasized the significance of honoring Parks' legacy through a federal holiday.

The bill introduced by Sewell is gaining support from other members of the U.S. House, and it will now go through the legislative process. If it passes committee and House votes, it will move to the Senate and eventually to the president's desk for approval. The goal is to ensure that the contributions of Rosa Parks to the civil rights movement are permanently recognized and celebrated with a federal holiday.

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