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Independence Day: Nationwide Fireworks Safety Tips

4th of July and fireworks are deeply intertwined in American culture, with over 400 million pounds set to explode this year.

The 4th of July celebration in America has become synonymous with fireworks, igniting memories of childhood cookouts and anticipation for the colorful displays that light up the night sky. This tradition dates back to 1777, just one year after the Declaration of Independence was signed, when the first fireworks shows were held in Philadelphia and Boston to mark the occasion. Over time, the 4th of July became a federal holiday in 1870, solidifying the connection between fireworks and Independence Day.

This year, Americans are expected to set off over 400 million pounds of fireworks, with many cities hosting public displays for residents to enjoy. The largest of these displays will be Macy's 4th of July show in New York, produced by Pyro Spectaculars, a company known for coordinating major events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. Fireworks sales are regulated state by state, with some states allowing the sale of all types of fireworks while others only permit ground-based options like fountains and sparklers.

The economic impact of the 4th of July extends beyond fireworks, with a projected revenue of over $2.4 billion for the 2024 season. Prices have decreased slightly due to lower shipping costs post-pandemic, leading to strong sales numbers for consumer fireworks. While the average family may spend around $100 on fireworks, the total amount varies widely depending on individual preferences.

Despite the joy fireworks bring, it's important to remember safety precautions, as injuries from fireworks can be serious. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported nearly 10,000 injuries in 2023, with a decrease from previous years. For individuals with PTSD, fireworks displays can trigger anxiety and flashbacks, making it crucial to be considerate of neighbors who may be affected. Resources like trauma support hotlines and apps are available to help manage PTSD symptoms during fireworks shows.

For pet owners like Sule Qazi, ensuring the safety and comfort of animals during fireworks displays is a priority. Using tools like thunder jackets to calm pets, he emphasizes the importance of being mindful of the impact fireworks can have on animals. Ultimately, the 4th of July celebration is a time to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, while also being mindful of the impact our traditions may have on others.

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