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Decoding the Significance of Field Goal Percentage in Basketball

We all love watching basketball, don't we? The sheer thrill and competitive spirit that engulfs every game is enough to get us at the edge of our seats! Now, have you ever thought about what makes a team successful or superior? There's one powerful statistic in play - it’s called Field Goal Percentage. Let's dive deeper into this concept.

In essence, field goal percentage (FG%) measures the shooting efficiency of a player or team. It's computed by dividing the number of successful shots or "field goals" made by the total attempts taken, excluding free throws. Cool right?

The news content regarding FG% covers diverse aspects. But can we consider it as an ultimate measure for performance evaluation? Well...yes and no!

A high FG%, without doubt reveals astonishing prowess in shooting. Yet, does it paint a full picture on its own?

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