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Mars Society proposes institute for developing technology essential for Red Planet settlement
  • 19th Sep 2023

Mars Society proposes institute for developing technology essential for Red Planet settlement

Nonprofit organization the Mars Society has announced plans to establish the Mars Technology Institute (MTI), which will focus on developing the technology required to support human settlement on Mars. The MTI will initially focus on biotech projects, which require less funding than other areas of research. The Mars Society is seeking tax-deductible donations to fund the MTI.

'Game developers furious about Unity's new installation-based fees'
  • 13th Sep 2023

'Game developers furious about Unity's new installation-based fees'

Game engine Unity has faced backlash after announcing that it will charge developers a fee for each user installation of their games. Developers have criticized the policy change, which will come into effect on 1 January 2023, for its potential to harm game studios. Unity has responded to concerns, stating that developers will only be charged once if a user deletes and reinstalls a game on the same machine, but will be charged for installations on different devices. Developers have also criticized the lack of transparency regarding Unity's installation data.

What news can we find under Mars News Section?

Mars: The Frontier of News Content

Ever wondered about the universe beyond Earth? Well, hold on tight as we hitch a ride to Mars! You'd be surprised at how much high-profile news and riveting content is generated under this topic. So what's buzzing around the 'Red Planet'? Let's dive in!

The Rovers

Remember those little explorative robots that scientists sent over like Curiosity, Rover Perseverance? Every update from them is an exciting headline on Mars exploration! What soil samples did they discover today? Have they weathered through any extreme storms recently?

Astronomy Breakthroughs

This planet has also been the focus of groundbreaking astronomical research and discoveries for years now. Like when scientists found evidence of liquid water flow on its surface or hints at potential ancient life forms - wasn't that a mind-blower?

Missions To Mars

Talk about adventure - with several countries' space programs setting their sights set on manned missions to our neighbor planet, "Mars" is not just another science term anymore but daily news fodder.

"Space X" to "NASA", doesn't it seem like everyone’s racing towards landing humans there? Wouldn’t you love waking up one day hearing breaking news – “The First Human Steps Foot On Mars”? Doesn’t it make your heart beat even faster imagining how profound such moments could be for humanity?
In conclusion, news content under the topic 'Mars' isn't limited merely to scientific jargon or complex discussions. It holds thrilling encounters, unprecedented endeavors and uncovers essences unexplored.
Looks like Aldous Huxley might have been right; perhaps “There are things known and unknown… And in between are doors.” One thing is sure though - With so much happening in terms of exploring our celestial neighbour, we can agree there won’t be any shortage of exciting stories anytime soon!

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