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Unmanned helicopter to join India second space odyssey Mars

India plans to send a helicopter to Mars in 2031 in addition to a rover, inspired by NASA's successful mission.

India is on the verge of embarking on its second journey to Mars, with an exciting twist - a resilient helicopter is set to accompany the mission, ready to navigate through the thin atmosphere of the alien planet.

Jayadev Pradeep, a scientist from India's Space Physics Laboratory, revealed during a recent webinar that a space drone intended for the Mars mission will be equipped with payloads for aerial exploration of the planet.

While the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has not disclosed specific details, reports from local media and international space journals suggest that the mission scheduled for 2031 will include a helicopter and a wheeled rover headed to the Red Planet. The helicopter, although still in the conceptual stage, is expected to be a key component of the mission.

Taking inspiration from NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter, which successfully completed 72 powered flights on Mars after being deployed by a rover, the Indian project aims to achieve similar feats. The Ingenuity helicopter, weighing just 1.8 kilograms, exceeded expectations by flying more times than originally planned before sustaining rotor-blade damage in January 2024.

Although details about the Indian helicopter remain scarce, it is rumored to have the capability to fly up to 100 meters in the Martian atmosphere, known for its susceptibility to solar winds. The helicopter is said to be equipped with a range of instruments designed to study Mars' atmosphere, including sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, electric field, and dust aerosols.

The inclusion of a helicopter in the Mars mission signifies India's commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and advancing scientific knowledge about our neighboring planet. As we eagerly await the launch in 2031, the prospect of witnessing a helicopter take flight on Mars is both thrilling and groundbreaking.

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