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NASA reschedules Boeing Starliner launch later this week

NASA reschedules Boeing's Starliner launch for later this week, delaying mission to International Space Station. Watch live on NASA platforms.

NASA has made the decision to reschedule the launch of the Boeing Starliner spacecraft, opting to delay the launch window that was originally set for Sunday. This delay is necessary in order for crews to thoroughly assess and address the ground support equipment issue that caused the cancellation of Saturday's launch. The next available launch opportunities are now set for Wednesday, June 5, and Thursday, June 6.

The launch attempt was halted just 4 minutes before liftoff due to a technical issue with the computer ground launch sequencer not loading into the correct operational configuration during the terminal count. This setback comes after several previous delays, including a May 6 launch that was stopped due to technical issues such as an oxygen leak and a helium leak from the capsule's propulsion system.

The mission for Boeing's Starliner, known as the Boeing Crew Flight Test, is intended to transport two NASA astronauts, Barry "Butch" Wilmore and Sunita "Suni" Williams, both former Navy pilots, to and from the International Space Station. Once aboard the ISS, Wilmore and Williams will spend about a week testing the Starliner spacecraft and its various subsystems.

The Starliner spacecraft was specifically designed to accommodate a crew of up to seven individuals for missions to low-Earth orbit. On NASA missions, the capsule would typically carry four astronauts along with a combination of cargo and scientific instruments to and from the space station. If the Starliner mission is successful, NASA will proceed with the final certification process for the spacecraft and its systems for future crewed rotation missions to the ISS.

Boeing was awarded a substantial $4.8 billion contract from NASA in 2014 to develop the Starliner spacecraft, which is a privately-built vehicle capable of transporting astronauts to and from the International Space Station. In comparison, Boeing's competitor, SpaceX, received a $3.1 billion contract from NASA to develop its own spacecraft as part of the agency's commercial crew program. Additionally, NASA has provided SpaceX with $2.9 billion to develop the first commercial human lander for the Artemis moon missions and potential future trips to Mars.

Overall, the rescheduling of the Starliner launch showcases the meticulous planning and attention to detail required for successful space missions, highlighting the collaborative efforts between NASA, Boeing, and other key players in the space exploration industry.

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