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Billie Eilish Unlikely Hits Return
  • 25th Apr 2024

Billie Eilish Unlikely Hits Return

Billie Eilish's new album drops May 17, but her cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling" is making a surprising comeback on charts.

Dolly Parton releases Rockstar album
  • 19th Nov 2023

Dolly Parton releases Rockstar album

Dolly Parton's long awaited Rock album is finally out, featuring 30 tracks including covers of iconic songs and original songs.

Miley Cyrus Reflects on 'Wild' Past in Latest Song 'Used to Be Young
  • 25th Aug 2023

Miley Cyrus Reflects on 'Wild' Past in Latest Song 'Used to Be Young

Former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus reflects on her wild teen years and early 20s in her new song "Used to Be Young," released on the 10th anniversary of her controversial career moments. Cyrus sings about her wild past and the realization that open bars lead to broken hearts. The song is part of her "Endless Summer Vacation" album, which she has been working on for the past 18 months. Cyrus has also been promoting her latest album with concert specials and is preparing for the 10th anniversary of her "Bangerz" album in October.

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A Spin on Phonograph Record News

Ever wondered what's making waves in the realm of phonograph records? Let us converse, akin to two old friends discussing their shared fascination over a cup of coffee. Music gives life its rhythm, doesn't it; and satisfyingly enough, our dear vinyls are all about that!

The resurgence of Vinyl:

Shall we envisage the unexpected - even baffling - resurgence in vinyl record popularity? Are we not living in an era brimming with digital streaming services at our fingertips? Yet, there's something eloquently captivating about holding tangible records, watching them spin on rustic turntables and playing tunes haunted by nostalgic echoes. Quite surprisingly to some people (or is it really?) last year saw vinyl sales surpassing CDs for the first time since the ‘80s! Sales figures don’t lie folks.

New Release Phenomenon:

Constantly puzzling is why musicians both new-aged and iconic continue releasing studio albums on vinyl format. Isn’t that like going back to black-and-white TV while owning a 4K home cinema system? But hey! Get this – fans love it! New releases aren’t just about wrapping your ears around fresh sound-waves; they're also tactile artifacts emulating music’s history.

Trending Technology Innovations:

Fact or fiction: The transformation of technology has passed over phonographs untouched because they’re antiquated stuff anyway...right? Oh no my friend! With companies investing heavily into developing newer, sleeker turntables equipped with state-of-the-art features such as USB ports for album ripping or built-in Bluetooth connectivity rivals those cool wireless headsets everyone raves about! Isn't this exciting chatter just spinning your thoughts round'n'round?! After all, who would think these classic beauties still have so much groove? It's like discovering an old thrilling novel anew each day you flip open a page. So next time someone attempts trading words about Spotify vs Apple Music debate; steer right towards vintage virtuosity bequeathed through venerated vinyls!

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