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Steelers Titans Week 9: Inactives
  • 3rd Nov 2023

Steelers Titans Week 9: Inactives

The Pittsburgh Steelers have released their list of inactives for their Week Nine game against the Tennessee Titans. QB Mason Rudolph is back as the emergency third-quarterback. S Minkah Fitzpatrick is inactive due to injury.

Ryne Tannehill leads Titans past Chargers in OT
  • 17th Sep 2023

Ryne Tannehill leads Titans past Chargers in OT

The Tennessee Titans ended their eight-game losing streak with a 27-24 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in overtime. Ryan Tannehill passed for 246 yards and a touchdown, while Derek Henry gained 79 yards on the ground. The Titans' defense held the Chargers to just 61 rushing yards.

What news can we find under Ryan Tannehill News Section?

Let's ask ourselves, "What news content can we find under the topic Ryan Tannehill?" Now that's an interesting question! If you're a sports enthusiast or even if you vaguely follow NFL news, this is probably not your first time hearing about this star player. So let's move from wondering to knowing!

First off, who exactly is Ryan Tannehill? Well folks, he’s currently the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans in the National Football League (NFL). Hailing from Texas and born in 1988, this man has been leaving a remarkable footprint on American football since his professional career started back in 2012. But how did it all begin? Interesting question isn't it?

You'll find numerous exciting stories about his journey right from college football days at Texas A&M University to eventually being drafted by Miami Dolphins as their eighth overall pick during the 2012 NFL Draft. Did you know he was initially positioned as a wide receiver before emerging as one of today’s leading quarterbacks? Imagine changing lanes like that - it surely requires indomitable willpower!

Also be ready to discover colorful commentary on his performances on match days along with speculative discussions around possible future transfers or contracts – remember when he moved from Miami Dolphins to Tennessee Titans in March 2019? Fueling your adrenaline are narrations of crucial game plays led by him over years such intense playoff matches which might feel no less dramatic than watching a Hollywood thriller.

Finally yet importantly circles among fans buzz with chatter comparing 'Tannehill' against other prolific players too. Is there anything more thrilling than debates full of statistics & personal insights across channels hence making fans wonder where does our hero stand amongst greats indeed? So next time when someone asks what do I get when searching ‘Ryan Tannehill’, tell them they’re signing up for riveting stories showcasing athleticism at its peak intertwined amidst saga of much sweat & glory.

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