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Maren Morris quits country music: Genre 'burning itself down'
  • 16th Sep 2023

Maren Morris quits country music: Genre 'burning itself down'

Grammy-winning singer Maren Morris is quitting country music due to its racist and misogynistic roots, saying she has hit a dead end in her efforts to make things better. She criticized the industry for celebrating biases and being aligned with a hyper-masculine branch of country music. Morris released a two-track EP called "The Bridge" to express her departure from the genre.

What news can we find under Social exclusion News Section?

Social Exclusion: Unveiling the Shadows

Ever wondered about what lies beyond the ink-print world of mainstream news, in those dimly lit alleys that often go unnoticed? "Social Inclusion", perhaps a term you're familiar with. But flip its coin and you'll find something equally captivating - "Social Exclusion."

This is an area seldom touched by popular discourse but has been gaining momentum as a poignant subject matter within recent decades. Let's dig into it.

The realm of social exclusion revolves around segments of society which are sidelined for nebulous reasons, often culminating from discrimination related to race, gender, economic status or disability. This isn't just about them being 'left out', it’s akin to chains locking them away from their potential opportunities and development.

No penny for guessing that such narratives aren’t always front-page headlines! Yet under this topic on news sites or Google Scholar archives, many harrowing tales await our discerning eyes.

We can soak up stories illustrating the lives of marginalised groups and individuals across all societal sectors; discovering how they cope with financial difficulties due to an unjust labor market skewed against them. We also get a snapshot into systemic biases prevalent in education systems excluding those who need support most.

A Hidden World Comes Alive...

Still don't believe me? Type “news relating to Social Exclusion” into your search engine next time you scroll through your phone (I’m sure we've all done some insomnia-induced web surfing before!). You may stumble upon articles outlining government policies exacerbating or combating this very issue.
Indeed my friends, "the cake isn’t always evenly shared," especially when deep-rooted biases tilt our plates unawares. To sum things up, exploring content under ‘social exclusion’ not only gifts us fresh perspectives but also urges everyone among us — both lay readers and policymakers alike — towards crafting inclusive societies where nobody feels left outside looking in.

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