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Trump Derangement Syndrome Meltdown Jamaal Bowman Democratic Trump Edition

Unplanned hiatus leads to scathing critique of Dana Milbank's take on Jamaal Bowman's primary defeat in New York. Viral takedown ensues.

Last week, there was an unexpected break in this column. I had a candidate in mind, but the inspiration just wasn't there when I started writing about them. Writing this column is too enjoyable to force it when the spark isn't present.

When I saw the headline about Jamaal Bowman's primary loss in New York, I knew I didn't need to look any further. Dana Milbank's piece in WaPo titled, "Jamaal Bowman was a Democratic Trump. Now he's gone," caught my attention.

I've been following Milbank's outlandish takes for over a decade. His work is a prime example of Trump Derangement Syndrome, making him one of the most absurd figures in the Coastal Media Bubble™. If former President Trump becomes future President Trump in November, Milbank's meltdown will be a spectacle worth watching and documenting.

Let's dissect Milbank's latest musings.

Milbank's labeling of Trump as an extremist is based on falsehoods and false equivalencies. His criteria for demonizing Trump are rooted in the lies perpetuated by the leftist media. Milbank conveniently ignores the Squad's anti-Semitic views, focusing instead on demonizing Trump for his supposed attacks on migrants and minorities. It must be frustrating for the left-wing lapdogs to see Trump making inroads with Hispanic and Black voters, breaking the Democrats' grip on these demographics.

While Milbank celebrates Bowman's defeat as a victory against extremism, he conveniently overlooks AOC's primary win on the same night. The Squad, to which both Bowman and AOC belong, wields significant influence in the Democratic Party, contrary to Milbank's claims. The comparison between the Squad and the House Freedom Caucus is a stretch, as the Progressive Caucus, with its radical views, has more than double the membership of the Freedom Caucus.

The mainstream media's assessments of elected Democrats often serve as a platform to attack Republicans. Democrats didn't distance themselves from Bowman until after his loss, showing that their concern is more about political expediency than principles. Bowman's replacement will likely be someone even more detrimental to America's future, as is often the case with Democrats these days.

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