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Colman Domingo discusses his Oscar nomination for 'Rustin'

Colman Domingo tidied up his house before hearing his Oscar nomination, representing his family and the unsung hero he portrays.

As the Oscar nominations were announced, Colman Domingo was busy cleaning his closet to calm his nerves. His husband was watching the feed and received a text from his manager with congratulations. When his name was announced, he initially didn't react, but then he and his husband both started crying. Domingo received the Best Actor nod for his role in "Rustin," a film about a key figure in the civil rights movement. He has been overwhelmed with well-wishes from friends and colleagues, and is grateful for the recognition. He sees the nomination as an opportunity to share his heart and soul with the world. Domingo is proud to represent a marginalized historical figure and hopes the film will inspire audiences to reflect on their own values and beliefs. As he prepares for Oscar Sunday, he feels a deep sense of responsibility to represent his community and inspire others to achieve their dreams. He sees the nomination as a chance to shine a light on the stories of all those who have supported him. Watch Domingo in "Rustin" streaming now on Netflix.

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