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  • 14th Jul 2023

"WHO Claims Aspartame, an Artificial Sweetener, Possibly Linked to Cancer; Guidelines Unaltered"

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified aspartame as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" due to limited evidence showing a potential link between aspartame and liver cancer. However, the WHO's Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) found the association between aspartame consumption and cancer in humans unconvincing and did not change the acceptable daily intake of 40 mg/kg per body weight. The WHO is advising moderation and suggests drinking water instead. The US FDA disagrees with the WHO's conclusion, stating that aspartame has been heavily studied and is safe.

Tom Holland Hails his Sober Journey as
  • 11th Jul 2023

Tom Holland Hails his Sober Journey as "The Best Decision of my Life"

British actor Tom Holland revealed in a podcast interview that he quit drinking in January after a "very, very boozy" holiday season. Holland, best known for his role as Spider-Man, said that he initially decided to give up alcohol for January, but extended it to February after experiencing intense cravings. As he continued his alcohol pause, Holland began to feel the pressure of England's drinking culture. However, he said he turned a corner and became the "happiest" he has ever been in June. Holland's decision also inspired his mother to go sober.

What news can we find under Soft drink News Section?

What news content can we find under the topic 'Soft drink'?

Congratulations, you've just popped open a bubbling new discussion on one of our favorite thirst-quenchers - soft drinks! The world behind that fizzy sound when you crack open a can is vast and fascinating. From company acquisitions to product innovations, environmental policies to health impacts, there's always something effervescing in the realm of soft drinks.

Fancy exploring how cola masters like Coca-cola or Pepsi are planning their next marketing move? Or dive into soda's nutritional discussions as they bob around concerns about sugar contents. Want to see our take on what effect these sweet bubbles have had on global obesity rates? You are at the right place!

We dissect these issues with precision without losing any drop of excitement along the way. Put simply; think about an ice-filled glass brimming over with carbonated stories from all corners of this intriguing and diverse industry.

Raring for stuff more cutting edge? Just remember how amazed you were when first laying eyes on those cool self-serve beverage dispensers appearing in fast-food places over recent years. Well hold onto your cup, as even newer tech sparkles its way towards us - sip-prepared enzyme breakdowns ensuring max flavor release?? Talk about amazing progress prompted by consumers' unquenchable demand for fresh experiences - it gives 'pop' culture a whole different meaning!

You see, it soda-pop-erable- yes, pun intended! There’s so much more under this topic than meets the eye; environmental considerations around plastic waste generation due to packaging needs also stir up debates worth looking into.

In conclusion: whether you're tickled pink by tantalizing tropicana twists or gripped by controversies surrounding sugar substitutes, press pause on life’s cavalcade and enjoy refreshing insights packed with fizzalogical facts here in our Hot Topic section – ‘The Soft Drink Stream’.

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