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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to the Vampirates of Buena Park

Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park is hosting "Vampirates" for Halloween, featuring acrobatics, a three-course meal, and spooky fun.

Ahoy, me hearties! Set sail on a swashbuckling adventure this September 19th, also known as "Talk Like a Pirate" day. Whether ye be a seasoned seafarer or a landlubber, it's time to unleash your inner pirate and embrace the salty spirit of this peculiar occasion.

But avast! How should ye approach a Vampirate on this special day? Should ye combine pirate lingo with supernatural utterances to truly immerse yerself in the occasion? These be the questions that plague ye mind.

Fear not, me mateys, for there be a place where ye can experience the perfect blend of pirate tales and vampire lore. Drop anchor in Buena Park and ye'll find yerself at Pirates Dinner Adventure, a unique experience that combines a delectable meal with an unforgettable show.

Picture this: ye and yer crew are assigned to colorful teams, each rooting for a specific character. Normally, ye'd witness the merriment and mayhem of pirates on the ship-centered stage. But when Halloween approaches, the pirates transform into bloodthirsty vampires, giving ye a taste of the supernatural.

Welcome to "Vampirates," a spectacle filled with acrobatics, drama, wit, and mischievous Halloween surprises. But the surprises don't end there, me hearties. Ye see, dinner be included in yer ticket, and it be a three-course feast fit for a pirate. Ye can expect a salad, a hearty main course, and a delectable dessert. And fear not, for the soft drinks be unlimited. If ye be thirsting for something stronger, ye can purchase adult beverages, including a special Vampirates-themed cocktail. And for those who prefer a non-alcoholic treat, a mocktail version be available too.

"Buena Park has always been a haven for Halloween enthusiasts, and Pirates Dinner Adventure be proud to be a part of this tradition by offering a spooky and family-friendly experience," said Julio Duran, the general manager of this thrilling attraction. "No matter yer age, ye be sure to enjoy this interactive show. This year, we be premiering an all-new script and introducing exciting new characters!"

But wait, there be more treasures to discover! Every Saturday in October, there be costume contests where ye can show off yer finest pirate or vampire attire. And if ye be daring enough, ye may even have the chance to meet and greet some of the Vampirates themselves.

So gather yer crew, me hearties, and set sail for Buena Park. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other, where pirates and vampires collide in a mesmerizing display of entertainment. This be an experience ye won't want to miss.

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