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The Weekly Sip: Vita Coco launches strawberry flavor | Gen Z embraces RTD soft drink crossovers: report

Vita Coco launches new coconutmilk beverage with strawberries. RTD alcohol sales surge among younger drinkers, sparking interest from big soda companies. Premium Blend unveils boozeless wine for THC enthusiasts.

The Weekly Sip is Food Dive's dedicated column that delves into the latest news within the ever-evolving and expanding beverage industry. From groundbreaking product launches to significant investments and controversial topics, this column serves to satisfy the thirst for updates in this dynamic category.

Vita Coco is elevating its signature ingredient by infusing it with a summery twist in its latest product release. The New York City-based company, known for its coconut-based milk, water, and juice, is now blending the creamy liquid with strawberries. The Vita Coco Treats coconutmilk beverage promises a light, sweet, and satisfying indulgence for those seeking a moment of delight.

According to Jane Prior, Chief Marketing Officer at The Vita Coco Company, the brand aims to offer a refreshing and indulgent coconutmilk drink that provides a guilt-free treat for consumers. The concept of "permissible indulgence" is a new addition to the company's product line, catering to those seeking a balance between enjoyment and wellness.

Vita Coco Treats made its debut on April 10 exclusively at Target stores and will soon be available at Costco and Amazon later this spring. This addition will become a permanent fixture in the brand's beverage lineup, offering consumers a flavorful and satisfying option.

In a recent report by Circana, the rise of popular soft drinks entering the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) alcohol space has captured the interest of younger consumers. Sales of these offerings surged by 435% between 2021 and 2023, with over $600 million in sales last year alone. Brands like Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, Jack Daniel's with Coca-Cola, and Monster Beast Unleashed hard tea are driving this trend.

Major soft drink companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are leveraging partnerships with industry leaders to expand their presence in the alcohol space through RTD drinks. The report highlights the success of beverages like Hard Mtn Dew and the growing interest in premium spirits with unique flavors.

Premium Blend is introducing a new boozeless beverage, CannaVinus, designed to appeal to both wine enthusiasts and THC enthusiasts. This zero-proof sparkling wine features terpene ingredients with therapeutic properties, offering consumers a social experience without alcohol. The launch of CannaVinus aligns with the increasing demand for cannabis-infused beverages and nonalcoholic options among younger consumers looking for diverse choices in adult beverages.

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