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A Journey around the Solar Cycle

Wondering what illuminating news we could possibly find under a topic like 'Solar cycle'? Have you ever stopped to think about our magnificent Sun and its cyclical patterns of behaviour? Grab your metaphorical space suit, it's time to delve into the astonishing world of solar cycles!

The term 'solar cycle' might not be your everyday conversation starter, but believe us when we say it is absolutely intriguing. You see, our sun doesn’t just hang up there in the sky doing nothing. It has its own routine! Unbelievable, right?

We're talking about an approximate 11-year pattern known as the solar cycle in which varying quantities of dark spots - or 'sunspots' appear on its surface. One would ask: "Why does this matter?" Well folks, these seemingly trivial specks roar with relevance for us Earthlings.

These sunspots can cause dynamic eruptions called solar flares or coronal mass ejections (CMEs). But hold on tight, because here's where things get even more fascinating! These violent eruptions from our star end up spurring intense bouts of space weather capable of affecting technology (like telecommunications) here on earth directly! Mind-blowing stuff isn't it?

Solar Maximum and Solar Minimum - A Tale Full Of Twists!

You'd be fascinated to know that these cycles alternate between periods dubbed as "Solar Maximum" and "Solar Minimum." During maximum phases there’s an increase in solar activity leading to more frequent geomagnetic storms on Earth causing stunningly vibrant Northern Lights. While during minimum phases such activities subside.

Note: This article was inspired by recent discoveries and updates regarding the Sun’s new ‘cycle’ which started back in December 2019... Always stay curious my friends!

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