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What time are Northern Lights tonight? Best times to see Aurora Borealis in Yorkshire

Get ready for another chance to see the Northern Lights over the UK tonight, following a stunning display in Yorkshire.

Get ready for a potential celestial spectacle tonight as the Northern Lights may once again grace the skies over the UK. Yorkshire was treated to a stunning show last night as the aurora borealis illuminated the night sky. Pictures flooded in from across the region, capturing the breathtaking display over the beaches of North Yorkshire and the moors of West Yorkshire.

An "extreme" geomagnetic storm on Friday, as reported by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), increased the chances of witnessing the Northern Lights. These storms, caused by intense solar activity like coronal mass ejections, can create mesmerizing auroral displays that captivate onlookers.

For those who missed out or are eager for an encore, there is still hope. According to the Met Office's space weather predictions, the effects of the coronal mass ejections were still being felt last night, resulting in a "significantly enhanced aurora overnight" visible across much of the UK.

While the intensity may decrease by today, the aurora is expected to remain visible tonight and in the days to come. Sightings are likely in the northern regions of the UK, and possibly even further south under the right conditions.

A 'red alert' from UK-based Aurorawatch indicates ongoing significant activity, suggesting that the aurora may be visible to the naked eye and cameras throughout the UK.

Wondering when you might catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights tonight? The best viewing times are between 10pm and 3am, with a potential display similar to Friday night's show. The Met Office's Stephen Dixon mentioned the possibility of sightings in Scotland, Ireland, northern England, and Wales, with a chance for visibility further south with the right equipment.

Krista Hammond, the Met Office's space weather manager, also expressed optimism for favourable conditions, particularly for those in the north. Multiple coronal mass ejections from the sun are expected to reach Earth in the coming days, offering the potential for aurora visibility over the UK, especially on Friday night.

Despite the limited hours of darkness at this time of year, there is a good chance of sightings tonight and possibly into Saturday. Northern parts of the UK are most likely to have the best viewing potential, so keep your eyes peeled for a celestial show in the night sky.

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