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Kia and Hyundai recall 3.3 million cars, advise parking outside
  • 28th Sep 2023

Kia and Hyundai recall 3.3 million cars, advise parking outside

Hyundai and Kia are recalling 3.3 million vehicles due to fire risks caused by issues with the antilock brake system. The affected vehicles range from 2010 to 2019 models. Owners are advised to park their vehicles outside until repairs can be made. The automakers will replace the antilock brake fuse at no cost to owners. The recall comes after the automakers recalled 92,000 vehicles last month due to potential fire risks from an electronic controller in their oil pumps.

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Did Tucson, Arizona just catch your eye too? Well, let's deep dive into the type of news content we can find under this captivating topic!

The amazing city of Tucson, nestled in the heartland of Arizona, is always buzzing with activity. Think about it - there’s sports (Go Wildcats!), local festivities and not to forget life-changing community initiatives that takes place right here. From University basketball games making nation-wide headlines to native tribal festivals gaining international attention – doesn’t it sound like a treasure trove for breaking news stories?

If you are bit more savvy who loves digging deeper beyond the surface then chances are high you will come across some enthralling pieces about innovation and technology happening down in Tucson. Ever wondered how being home to The University of Arizona could impact tech advancements or launch new startups at lightning speeds?

Ringing any bells yet? Yeah! But wait there's more... How about eco-friendly trends and wildlife conservation campaigns initiated by dedicated folks from Sonoran Desert Conservation? Feeling a sense awe now?

Culture enthusiasts also get their fair share of excitement with inside glimpses into arts events from vibrant murals downtown all the way up to top-rated food scenes that makes National Geographic drool over Tucson as one its most exciting food cities.

In essence what won't you find when delving into Tucson directed coverage?! Be it groundbreaking scientific research achievements or profile-raising social issues - dear reader do remember: every moment in this spirited city has its own tale trying hard not slip away unnoticed. Follow me on an expedition exploring 'The Sunshine Factory'. Are you strapped in and ready for takeoff?

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