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US Open (tennis) News & Breaking Stories

Disney Charter Agreement Ends ESPN ABC Blackout
  • 12th Sep 2023

Disney Charter Agreement Ends ESPN ABC Blackout

Charter Communications will include Disney+ in its Spectrum TV Select offering, and ESPN+ in its Spectrum TV Plus package. The deal aims to combine traditional TV and online viewing in a mutually beneficial way. Charter's 14.7 million customers will regain access to popular Disney channels, and Disney will receive increased fees for its channels. Customers will receive more value for their money, and Charter will market Disney streaming services to its broadband-only customers.

  • 6th Sep 2023

"Daniil Medvedev ESPN blackout US Open clash: Tiafoe vs Shelton"

Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev may have to resort to pirating the US Open due to a TV dispute, as his hotel TV doesn't have access to the tournament. Fans sympathized with his struggle and praised him for speaking out. Spectrum TV and Disney have failed to reach an agreement, causing a blackout for customers. Spectrum blamed Disney for demanding an excessive increase, while ESPN accused Spectrum of declining negotiations. Despite the TV issue, Medvedev has a quarterfinal matchup scheduled for Wednesday.

Swiatek wins opener, Djokovic eyes No. 1
  • 29th Aug 2023

Swiatek wins opener, Djokovic eyes No. 1

Defending champion Iga Swiatek dominates in her opening victory at the US Open as Novak Djokovic eyes a return to the top of the men's world rankings.

What news can we find under US Open (tennis) News Section?

The Thrills of the US Open: Keeping Up with Tennis Titans

Who's up for a bit of tennis talk? Well, hold onto your strawberries and cream friends, because when it comes to news under the topic 'US Open', there's plenty to dive into!

So what is this US Open? In essence, it's the annual United States open tennis tournament. It marks one grand corner in a hefty four-piece puzzle known as Grand Slam tournaments - Wimbledon, French, Australian Opens being its mates.

If you've got an appetite for gripping sportsmanship or drama unfolding on court lines instead of film sets- buddy, this is your gig! Often held from late August through early September (Hello floodlit matches & crisp autumn vibes), US Open has been delivering jaw-dropping live performances since 1881!

'Okay I get that...tell me more about recent big stories'. Sure thing – let’s take an ace serve at them!

Firstly we’ve had stunning triumphs like Naomi Osaka clinched her 3rd major title in 2020 defending Victoria Azarenka. Then strolling back to memories lane wasn’t Rafael Nadal versus Daniil Medvedev just epic in '19—ah such breath-robbing rallies they delivered!

Moving over single-handed games; doubles always spin up camaraderie amidst fierce spikes! Who can forget how Laura Siegemund/Vera Zvonareva silenced favorites in women’s Double last year?

'And how do I keep up with all these delicious bite-sized chunks?’:Simply tune into ESPN network (Official host) or wave at digital platforms like Prime Video. Let those accurate serves and photographers’ flashes hit you directly from Flushing Meadows.

To wrap things up folks, ‘US Open (tennis)’ news goes far beyond scores.It gives us personal narratives that echo persistence,a bittersweet symphony of victories & losses,and vitality reverberating across diverse generations.Whether you’re a long-time loyalist,to whom Federer-Nadal Djokovic are household names or newbie feeling twitches at every break-point – welcome aboard,this spectacular journey!

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