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Xbox Game Pass News & Breaking Stories

Play Cities Skylines 2 on Game Pass
  • 24th Oct 2023

Play Cities Skylines 2 on Game Pass

Cities Skylines 2 is coming to PC with new mechanics, zones, and signature buildings. It will also be available on Game Pass starting from October 24, 2023. Make sure your rig meets the system requirements and check out our guides for maps, mods, and DLC. Start building your dream city now!

Meta Quest 3 shipping in October: Double GPU power and mixed reality features
  • 28th Sep 2023

Meta Quest 3 shipping in October: Double GPU power and mixed reality features

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirms that the Meta Quest 3 VR headset will launch on October 10 starting at $499.99. The device features mixed-reality capabilities, improved GPU processing power, and compatibility with over 500 Meta Quest VR and AR experiences. It also offers a customizable fit and multiple color options. The Quest 3 will have over 100 new and upgraded titles by the end of 2023 and will support Xbox Cloud Gaming. The 512GB model includes access to the Meta Quest+ subscription service.

'Game developers furious about Unity's new installation-based fees'
  • 13th Sep 2023

'Game developers furious about Unity's new installation-based fees'

Game engine Unity has faced backlash after announcing that it will charge developers a fee for each user installation of their games. Developers have criticized the policy change, which will come into effect on 1 January 2023, for its potential to harm game studios. Unity has responded to concerns, stating that developers will only be charged once if a user deletes and reinstalls a game on the same machine, but will be charged for installations on different devices. Developers have also criticized the lack of transparency regarding Unity's installation data.

What news can we find under Xbox Game Pass News Section?

The Hidden Treasure of Xbox Game Pass News Content

Have you ever felt lost in the expansive universe of video games, craving to get the latest scoop on what's going down? If so, where do you turn? For gamers worldwide who're passionate about Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, the news content offers a gold mine. Let me tell you why.

Xbox Game Pass, as many of us fellow gaming enthusiasts know, is like Netflix for video games. Ever wondered about its immense popularity?

The answer lies primarily in two areas: constant updates and a wide range of game options from indie masterpieces to AAA blockbusters. And here's where our topic comes into play; every change and addition each month breeds vast amounts of potential news content - fresh, engaging, it’s equivalent to getting your hands on leaky cheat codes!

Endless Array!

Under this topic, you'll find out which novel titles are coming (or leaving) the service soon. It's like those exciting surprise elements hidden within an advanced level game! You'd hear announcements about new shiny hardware compatible with the pass or relish sneak-peek previews into upcoming mystical worlds wait-listed ready at your command.

Diverse Voices!

You'd also uncover accounts highlighting developer insights—why they designed 'X' character in 'Y' way or how they tweaked that darn challenging boss fight. Intriguing behind-the-scenes stuff right?! Besides all these goodies up-for-grabs there will be editorial pieces attempting to decode business strategy or predict future trends—all under this X-tremely fascinating umbrella called ‘Xbox Game Pass’!

In Conclusion...

If I were to put it metaphorically – trudging through heaps of news around Xbox Game Pass is akin to embarking on an adventure quest brimming with unexpected discoveries that only adds multitudes more excitement for all Xbox fanatics out there. So fellas are we ready then?

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