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Gavin Newsom Leaves Sean Hannity Stunned

California Governor Gavin Newsom impresses on Fox News interview with Sean Hannity.

California Governor Gavin Newsom made a memorable appearance on Sean Hannity's Fox News show on Monday night, showcasing why his national profile is skyrocketing. Despite Hannity's attempts to push his own propaganda, Newsom, a policy wonk and numbers nerd, effortlessly countered with facts and knowledge that left the oblivious host speechless.

When asked about Joe Biden's fitness to be president, Newsom pointed to Biden's recent actions towards Kevin McCarthy and emphasized that he frequently communicates with the President and has even traveled with him on Air Force One. Newsom also highlighted the successful track record of the Biden administration.

Hannity questioned why California spends $2.7 billion annually on healthcare for undocumented residents, to which Newsom responded by highlighting the cost of uncompensated care and the wastage of taxpayer money when people end up in the emergency room. Newsom also addressed Hannity's mention of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who had sent migrants to California as a political stunt, by reminding Hannity that former Trump legal adviser Rudy Giuliani had defended undocumented immigrants and sued the federal government on their behalf during his time as mayor of New York.

Newsom further showcased his talent by using Hannity's own words against him, referring to the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit that exposed Fox anchors as lying, complicit, opportunistic paid actors. Hannity had expressed concern about losing viewers if they did not promote Trump's false claims about the election.

Hannity also brought up California's decreasing population and pointed to tax rates as a possible reason, specifically mentioning California's income tax on top earners. Newsom responded by noting that the tax rate had been in place for a decade and was supported by the public.

The interview ended with Hannity attempting to connect California's population decline to the tax rates, but Newsom quickly dismissed the notion and stated that he respected the audience too much to mislead them.

Twitter users celebrated Newsom's performance and eagerly awaited the full interview, while also anticipating the Trump Arraignment.

Overall, Governor Gavin Newsom demonstrated his expertise, ability to counter misinformation, and quick thinking during his appearance on Sean Hannity's show. His national profile continues to rise, and he remains a formidable force in California politics.

Note: This article represents the opinions of Tara Dublin and is solely an opinion column.

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