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Cardi B Contemplates Criticism That Followed Her 'WAP' Grammy Performance

Cardi B reflects on backlash to "WAP" performance at Grammys.

Cardi B took to Twitter today to reminisce about the controversy surrounding her performance of "WAP" at the 2021 Grammy Awards, questioning if her followers remember the time when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) almost sued her for the provocative act. The rapper also highlighted the relentless harassment she faced from Republicans, who made her the subject of their daily news discussions. While the incident may have faded from public memory, Cardi B has not forgotten the collective aggravation she endured for daring to embrace her sexuality as a woman in the public eye.

In case anyone needs a refresher, here's what transpired: Following the show-stopping performance, Tucker Carlson, the former host of Fox News, expressed concern on his show that "WAP" would have a negative impact on children, all while playing a substantial portion of the titillating performance from the previous night. Conservative commentator Candace Owens went a step further, labeling the performance as an "attack on American values." Meanwhile, the FCC reportedly received over 1,000 complaints regarding the indecency of the act, which Cardi B herself dismissed with laughter.

What was the underlying reason behind this seemingly manufactured outrage? Cardi B posits that "they secretly like it." It appears that these critics relished the attention and financial gains that came with criticizing her performance. However, since then, Tucker Carlson has been let go from his position, Candace Owens now finds herself in agreement with Cardi B, and the Republican political machinery has redirected its animosity towards drag shows—with predictable results. This sequence of events serves as a reminder that crossing paths with Cardi B is ill-advised; even in victory, she refuses to let go of any transgressions.

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