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Shohei Ohtani shares thoughts on potential participation in HR Derby

Shohei Ohtani unsure if he will participate in Home Run Derby.

On April 30, 2023, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Shohei Ohtani, the designated hitter for the Los Angeles Angels, showcased his incredible talent by hitting a home run against the Milwaukee Brewers in the third inning at American Family Field. Ohtani's performance has captivated fans around the world, raising the question of whether he will continue to amaze at the upcoming 2023 Home Run Derby.

When asked about his potential participation in the Home Run Derby, Ohtani expressed uncertainty, stating that he has not made a decision yet. According to the Associated Press via, Ohtani said, "I don't know when my next [pitching] start is, and it really kind of depends on that. I haven't thought that far ahead yet," after the Angels' 4-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night.

Ohtani's presence in the MLB has been nothing short of extraordinary. He has garnered attention for his exceptional pitching and batting skills, solidifying his status as one of the league's biggest stars. In the past, he won the AL MVP award two seasons ago and finished as a runner-up to Aaron Judge last season. However, his current performance suggests that he is a strong contender for both the MVP and the Cy Young Award.

The decision on whether Ohtani will participate in the Home Run Derby hinges on several factors. In recent years, the Derby has served as a launching pad for players, propelling their careers and attracting significant attention. Aaron Judge experienced this boost during his rookie season, and Julio Rodriguez made headlines in the previous year. If Ohtani chooses to enter the Derby, it could greatly benefit his career and further elevate his status as a superstar.

Ohtani's statistics speak for themselves. He currently leads the Major League in home runs with 28 and RBI. His batting average stands at .304, with an impressive on-base percentage of .386 and slugging percentage of .654. On the pitching mound, he trails behind Kevin Gausman, the AL leader, by only 12 strikeouts, with 127 strikeouts compared to Gausman's 139.

As fans eagerly await Ohtani's decision regarding the Home Run Derby, his exceptional performance on both offense and defense continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Whether he chooses to participate or not, there is no denying that Ohtani's talent and impact on the game are truly remarkable.

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