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Top Pentagon Officials Claim US possesses Non-Human Craft; Marco Rubio Shares Shocking Firsthand Accounts of UFOs

Whistleblowers in the Pentagon reveal secret UFO crash retrieval programs.

More whistleblowers in the Pentagon have recently come forward with "first-hand knowledge" of secret UFO crash retrieval programs, according to US Senator Marco Rubio. In an interview with NewsNation on Monday, Rubio revealed that officials with "very high clearances" and who have held "high positions within our government" have provided information about these top secret government programs.

This comes after former Air Force officer David Grusch made headlines earlier this month with his claims that alien craft and bodies had been recovered and back-engineered by US officials. Grusch explained that insiders within these highly classified programs refer to these beings as "non-human intelligences" because their origin is still unknown.

Rubio stated that some of the witnesses who spoke with the Senate Intelligence Committee, where he serves as vice chairman, were likely the same individuals mentioned by Grusch. He also mentioned that many of these individuals came forward before whistleblower protections were established by law.

Grusch, an Air Force veteran who later worked at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the NRO, reported facing illegal retaliation for his inquiries into these classified UFO programs. The inspector general deemed Grusch's complaint "credible and urgent" and forwarded it to Avril Haines, the US Director of National Intelligence, as well as Rubio's Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Rubio emphasized the credible threats that have been made against the committee's other witnesses, including threats to their livelihoods and lives. He expressed the need for protection for these individuals, as many of them still work in the government and fear the consequences of coming forward.

The senator's comments highlight the importance of the UFO whistleblower protections that were enacted last year through a bipartisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. These protections aim to encourage individuals with information about UFO programs to come forward without fear of retaliation.

Rubio's remarks also shed light on the recent actions taken by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Last week, the committee unanimously approved a provision to cut off federal funding for any secret UFO reverse-engineering programs, whether conducted by the US government or by defense contractors in the private sector. The provision specifically targets programs involving unidentified craft of "non-earth" or "exotic" origin.

While these legislative moves may seem bold, Rubio cautioned that the accuracy of the high-level whistleblowers and their claims is still uncertain. However, the actions taken by the Senate Intelligence Committee demonstrate a commitment to addressing the issue of UFOs and ensuring transparency in government programs.

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